On Tue, 12 May 2015 23:06:32 +0200 Marc-Jano Knopp
<pub_br_debian....@marc-jano.de> wrote:
> Dear Maintainer,

Thanks for submitting the bug

> After upgrading from LibreOffice 1:4.3.3-2 (stable) to 1:4.4.2-1
> (testing), the dialogs for "Background Color" and "Font Color" appear
> only once after clicking the appropriate "drop down" arrows. When
> trying to open them a second time, a window outline,i showing part of
> the spreadsheet, is visible for a fraction of a second, then
> disappears.
> After exiting and restarting LibreOffice, the dialogs show again (but
> only once).

I am not able to reproduce it. Libreoffice version 1:5.2.3~rc1-4 and
fvwm version 1:2.6.7-1 are the versions I'm using, and I'm able to
open the Font color and Highlight color dialog boxes multiple times,
select a color and then they get redrawn again next time I open them.

If you could double check if it is reproducible using updated versions
let me know.

Thank you


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