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On Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 10:05:14PM +0100, Simon Frei wrote:
> Thanks a lot for the very detailed report. Can you check in Settings ->
> Configure digiKam... -> Image Editor -> Versioning at the bottom in the
> "In main view" section, whether you have any of the "Always show..."
> options set?

It was unset. Setting it made the images appear in the Thumbnails view.

> I assume that the case in the screenshot of just one image is only
> reproducible by moving images around outside of digikam?

I was not able to reproduce it by editing the image within Digikam and
saving as a new version, that's to say, both the original image and the
new version were visible in the Thumbnails view despite having "Always
show..." unchecked. This behaviour seems to contradict the message in
the info box explaining the option ("If the image has been edited, only
the current versions will be shown in the main thumbnail view. [...]"),
which would have lead me to believe that the original image would be
hidden in the Thumbnails view.

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