El dl 13 de 02 de 2017 a les 13:30 +0100, en/na Javier Serrano Polo va
> X-Debbugs-CC: pkg-alsa-de...@lists.alioth.debian.org
> El dc 21 de 09 de 2016 a les 10:36 -0300, Felipe Sateler va escriure:
> > Alsa maintainers, what do you think?
> Maintainers remain silent.
> > Adding a similar check for a variable named
> > like PULSE_DISABLE_ALSA_PLUGIN or something like that should be
> > very
> > simple.
> Felipe, what do you prefer? To apply the patch with
> in pulseaudio or if I implement PULSE_DISABLE_ALSA_PLUGIN in ALSA and
> you do a NMU?

I think PULSE_DISABLE_ALSA_PLUGIN sounds fine, but please propose the
patch to alsa-devel@, and after it is accepted, I am open to apply it
in Debian. I don't want to drag this patch forever.

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