Source: autobahn-cpp
Version: 0.2.1-1
Severity: wishlist

Someone who knows nothing of Autobahn has a hard time understanding
what it actually is from the description of these packages.

The WAMP acronym is never expanded or explained. I do not know at all
what you want to convey with the "Caller", "Callee", ... bullet list.

Here's my stab at a long description, based on text from

  Autobahn|Cpp provides an implementation of the WebSocket and Web
  Application Messaging (WAMP) protocols.

  WebSocket allows bidirectional real-time messaging on the Web and
  WAMP adds asynchronous Remote Procedure Calls and Publish &
  Subscribe on top of WebSocket.

  Autobahn|Cpp is open-source, licensed under the Boost Software
  License. The API and implementation make use of modern C++ 11 and
  new asynchronous idioms using (upcoming) features of the standard
  C++ library, in particular Futures, Continuations and Lambdas.

  <Package specific description here>

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