Package: thunderbird
Version: 1:45.7.1-1
Severity: minor


The migration script has a $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP-based logic to show
prompts using either zenity on GNOME, kdialog on KDE or to finally
fallback to xmessage for the rest.

The MATE desktop (a GTK+ desktop environment, originally forked from
GNOME 2), ships with zenity (mate-desktop-environment-core -> marco ->
zenity) and thus it would be more user-friendly to use it there too. The
patch should be simple as adding '|mate|MATE' to to case switch (I can
confirm that $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP equals "MATE" here).

On a more minor note, the script has this:
  # convert to lower case shell safe
  DESKTOP=`echo "$DESKTOP" | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]'`

but later has this:
  case "${DESKTOP}" in
      gnome|GNOME|xfce|XFCE) the uppercase ones are probably pointless.

Finally, for error/future-proofing this whole check, I'd also add a [ -x
/usr/bin/zenity ] (same for kdialog/xmessage) to the ifs in your script
-- you never know :)


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