Josh Triplett:
> [..]
> ...and looking at git from 20 minutes ago, it looks like you've switched
> over to directory registries now.

Thanks for the tip, yes I figured this out by looking at both your dh-cargo 
code and also the Fedora cargo package. [1]

The new version is uploaded to experimental, but there's some more things I'd 
like to tidy up before uploading it to unstable.

- I get errors about missing "cargotest" and "hamcrest" when I try to `make 
test`, it looks like cargotest is actually in the rustc package:

Any suggestions on how to deal with this? I guess the obvious thing to do is to 
package a librust-cargotest-xxx-dev package but I wonder if there are better 

- cargo still embeds libgit2-sys source code, and I can see that in the 
deps-tarball-filter.txt Luca was explicitly leaving it in. Is that because they 
patch the source code?

Can we just get rid of it, and link to libgit2 instead?



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