Unfortunately the initial reassign message didn't make it to the debian-ctte
list, so quoting it here for context:

> Control: retitle -1 Rename nodejs back to node for buster, now that
> ax25-node has been removed?

> Dear tech-ctte,
> In 2012, the decision was made to rename Node.js' "node" name to
> nodejs-legacy, and transition the existing "node" package to ax25-node.
> However, ax25-node (and the "node" package following) were removed in
> 2015 citing lack of activity:
> https://packages.qa.debian.org/n/node.html
> Thus, would it be possible to revert the original decision, and rename
> nodejs back to node in the next Debian release? Doing so would make
> working with JavaScript programs outside of Debian a lot easier, as
> projects tend to hardcode the "node" interpreter name.

I have just re-read parts of the discussion from 2012 (it was a very long and
heated discussion that spanned multiple bugs and mailing lists).

Part of the reasoning that was taken into account when deciding that neither the
old node nor the new node would keep the node command line was that "node" is
too common of a name to be a good command line name.

This is still true today.  However, 5 years after the initial decision, the use
of Node.js has kept growing to the point that it is by far the most expected
meaning of the word "node" in the IT context.

This, compounded with the fact that the old node will be gone in stretch, means
that it makes sense for nodejs to become node.

Does anyone think differently?


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