Package: hw-detect
Version 1.123

When I run the installer on a Dell XPS 13 (late 2015 model), it asks
for brcmfmac4350-pcie.bin.  When I add that firmware file, it still
complains about a missing brcmfmac4350-pcie.txt file.

While I'm not sure what this .txt file is supposed to be (I find
little information online), running
  touch /lib/firmware/brcm/brcmfmac4350-pcie.txt
in the installer solves the issue.  After the installation, I can
delete the .txt file and wifi works fine.

It would appear that this .txt file is optional, so maybe hw-detect
should ignore firmware requests for brcmfmac*.txt.  Hopefully someone
who knows about these brcmfmac*.txt files can comment.

Martin Michlmayr

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