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On 16 juil. 2017 21:57, Muri Nicanor <> wrote:

> Package: src:mkvtoolnix
> Version: 13.0.0-2
> Hi Christian,


> the location where the json.hpp of nlohmann-json-dev is being installed
> will be /usr/include/nlohmann in the next upload, which is what upstream
> defaults to and what other systems honor (see #868112).
> mkvtoolnix is the only reverse dependency of nlohmann-json-dev and will
> have to set the includedir accordingly. I've attached a patch which does
> that (and which also works with the old nlohmann-json-dev 2.0.6 version).

Not really a problem for mkvtoolnix as the build use the included
nlohmann-json if json.hpp isn't installed.

You can do a new nlohmann-json-dev upload if you want.

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