Ryan Tandy <r...@nardis.ca> writes:

> In heimdal 7.2.0 the arguments to hdb_generate_key_set_password changed; 
> see https://github.com/heimdal/heimdal/issues/246
> I just updated openldap to build against the new (old) signature, but 
> there was no library transition or symbols file update, so things still 
> break in the event of a partial upgrade.
> Old slapd-smbk5pwd with new libhdb simply segfaults when the function is 
> called; I haven't tested the reverse but I suspect it would be the same.

Thanks for the report.

Looks like this a fix for a previously undetected regression. i.e. it
changes the signature back to what it should have been. I fix that was
included in 7.4.0, that is now in unstable.

Unfortunately, as stable now has the bad signature, I really have no
idea what to do with this.

Suggestions? Maybe I should ask on debian-devel?
Brian May <b...@debian.org>

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