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Am 17.07.2017 um 01:46 schrieb Bdale Garbee:

Sure, sounds good.  I'm personally ambivalent about selinux since I
don't use it, but I'm always in favor of making things work for as many
users in as many contexts as possible.
bigon, is there a way sudo could do the selinux relabeling itself when
creating /run/sudo/ts so we don't need an init script/tmpfile to do
that? That would be a more elegant solution. I see sudo does already
link againt libselinux. So having that dependency is not a concern.

There are multiple ways of doing that:

1. via policy: this should be already the case for confined users, but
   apparently not for unconfined ones. This might be a bug in the
   policy, I'll poke upstream about that.
2. via an explicit call to libselinux: call selabel_lookup_raw() to
   retrieve which context should be used and then call
   setfscreatecon_raw() so the next file create will atomically have
   the correct context. sudo is already selinux-aware so that could be
   a solution as well.
3. Pre-create the directory during the startup with the correct context.

The easiest being of course 3)

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