I guess we'll see what happens when Python 3.6 is made the default in

On 5 August 2017 at 17:59, Johannes Schauer <jo...@debian.org> wrote:

> Quoting Michael Hudson-Doyle (2017-08-03 09:28:47)
> > > I saw attached log but I cannot reproduce your findings in Debian. The
> > > package builds fine and passes its autopkgtests.
> > Python 3.6 is not yet the default in debian is it? You could try sbuild
> -d
> > sid --extra-package  <python3 deb from ubuntu> or something like that.
> Even if I did, this would fix a bug in *Ubuntu* and not in Debian. If
> there is
> indeed a difference between Python 3.5.3 in Debian and Python 3.6.2 in
> Ubuntu,
> then adapting the package for the version in Ubuntu will very likely make
> it
> break in Debian.
> The botch test suite is highly sensitive to the versions of a number of
> packages. Not only python but also the versions of OCaml, dose3, networkx
> and
> even graphviz. Unfortunately I don't have time to track down the status of
> all
> its dependencies in a Debian derivative.
> Unless you can show me that this problem is also a bug in Debian I
> unfortunately have no time to fix it.
> cheers, josch

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