On 08/04/2017 01:56 AM, Christian Seiler wrote:
> Any ideas? My guess would be to selectively enable different
> patches in debian/patches/series and try to figure out which
> once of these actually causes the issue. (Could take me a
> while though.) Or do you have any better suggestions?

I've now built qemu 7 times, selectively enabling only one of
the patches in +deb9u1 each time. (I noticed in git that you
already noticed yourself that the 8th patch mentioned in the
changelog was not included in d/patches/series.)

I found the culprit: all variants boot my system except for
the one where this patch is enabled, which precisely produces
the symptoms described in this bug.


But looking at the patch: I really don't get it. It appears to
have nothing to do with CPU flags at all.

Any ideas? I'm not very familiar with qemu's source code, but
am quite comfortable with a debugger. If you have any idea on
how I could investigate this further...


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