On Sat, Aug 5, 2017 at 3:31 PM, Maximiliano Curia
<m...@gnuservers.com.ar> wrote:
> I'm also interested in a newer version of mozjs (for cinnamon), please let
> me know if you need a hand packaging it (and/or if you are at DebConf).

Hi, I'm not at DebConf, but others from the Debian GNOME team are.

Packaging of mozjs52 is already done at

Jordi sponsored it into the new queue. Hopefully, it won't take long
too there because it's required to get a newer gnome-shell.

Maybe Cinnamon will be able to follow GNOME to port to mozjs52 soon?

The Debian GNOME team isn't interested in uploading mozjs38, but the
packaging is in the mozjs38.git repo if you need it (it was needed for
Ubuntu 17.04).

Jeremy Bicha

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