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On 2017-08-06, Diego Roversi wrote:
>   u-boot-rockchip fail to load dtb file because it look for 
> rockchip-firefly-rk3288.dtb (if i remember well, I don't 
> have the boot log available atm), instead of rk3288-firefly.dtb.

Getting a boot log of the exact problem would be very helpful, if you
can get the chance... :)

Were you using the boot script generated by flash kernel, or the boot
script in debian-installer?

>   As a workaround I had stopped the boot, I got the u-boot prompt, 
> and typed the following command:
> setenv console 'ttyS2,115200n8'
> setenv ftdfile rk3288-firefly.dtb
> saveenv
> boot

Could you please try to interrupt the boot, and from the u-boot prompt:

  env default -a

I generally avoid using saveenv, because then you don't benefit from
improvements to the boot environment when upgrading u-boot, or even
worse, it may introduce subtle bugs when there are inconsistancies
between the u-boot version and environment.

live well,

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