>> Please take a look at the new changelog and see if this is now clear.
> It's better, but I would write it in this way:
> - Switch to pybuild
> - Add dh-python, python3-all, python3-setuptools to Build-Depends
> - Switch the cyclograph package to Python 3
Ok, this looks very clear.

>> > * The package now uses dh-python in combination with python3-setuptools
>> > "in combination"?
>> My understanding is that pybuild, provided by the dh-python package,
>> needs the setuptools for python3
> Why do you think pybuild needs setuptools? The package seems to build fine
> without that B-D.

I think you are right. I didn't understand how pybuild works.
Setuptools is not needed.

> It seems you haven't run lintian:
> At least vcs-field-uses-insecure-uri, vcs-field-not-canonical and
> spelling-error-in-changelog are caused by the changes in this upload, but
> you should fix other problems too.

gbp buildpackage runs lintian with the standard level, so I missed the
info, and I did not run it again aftr changing the chagelog at last. I
tried getting rid of all the warnings and most of the infos.

> Why there is no separate section for debian/ in debian/copyright? Are the
> copyright authors the same for it and the software itself?

Yes the copyright authors are the same of the package authors. Is a
separate section needed also in this case?

> You should fix the .desktop files. Currently having "python
> /usr/bin/cyclograph" there is not just unneeded, it's wrong, as
> /usr/bin/cyclograph is now using Python 3.

I added desktopFilesFix.diff in debian/patches

> Priority should be optional, not extra.

Thank you for your help

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