[2 years after the initial bug report, and 1 year after I wrote the
text quoted below.]

> that's a leaf package, with 1 vote on popcon, and upstream didn't
> reply on the bug report since almost a year ⇒ even though this bug
> only happens in specific build environment, I'd rather remove the
> package from testing/sid so that it's not on my radar anymore.
> Thoughts? Anyone prefers fixing the bug?

Additional data points:

 - a patch for this problem this bug report is about was apparently
   applied to some VCS but never released:
   We could certainly do the job an upstream maintainer would, i.e.
   review & apply it on our side.
 - last time the upstream author uploaded anything on CPAN was in 2011
 - this module did not get updated to benefit from "recent" changes in
   perl: there's a proposed patch to "Reimplement in pureperl now that
   Socket has multicast support" waiting for upstream author to
   comment since May, 2012

So while we could certainly fix this bug as part of the Debian delta
(just like openSUSE apparently did), I see very little value in
investing any more time in keeping this module in Debian.

I propose we remove it from testing/sid.


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