On 06/08/2017 20:17, Thomas Leonard wrote:
>> zeroinstall-injector FTBFS with OCaml 4.05.0. Relevant log:
>>> [...]
>>> Option -a cannot be used with .cmxa input files.
> This is fixed upstream in 2.12.2, but that also uses the new Lwt 3.0
> package naming (lwt_react rather than lwt.react). Are there any plans
> to update Debian's Lwt package (seems to be still on 2.5.2)?

I'm planning to upload lwt 2.7.1 during the transition to OCaml 4.05.0.
I'm planning to update lwt to >= 3 later, when the new OCaml is in testing.

> Lwt 2.7 supports both naming schemes to ease the transition:
>   https://ocsigen.github.io/blog/2017/01/06/lwt.2.7.0/

I saw that.

BTW, you can test your stuff with the new OCaml stack with the following
APT repository:

  deb http://ocaml.debian.net/debian/ocaml-4.05.0%2Brc1/pool ./



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