I've added support for the demo.

> g-d-p is aware of four categories of files: known and required;
> known and optional; known and unwanted (rare, mostly only used for
> known-to-be-obsolete versions of data files); and unknown/unwanted
> (it will issue a warning if the unknown file resembles a known file
> but doesn't match exactly, on the assumption that it might be a new
> version that we need to be told about).

We have an example here:

There exists 2 "h3demo.exe" : one is a cab archive, the other is the actual 
game executable.

The second will come up in unshield output, but can be safely discarded,
once GDP knowns it's of no use.

The part after the question mark is automatically stripped before searching the 
file system.

+    98265058  33e40e8236126f63bc6f8f70568c379d h3demo.exe
+    2068480   522b6f45f534058d02a561838559b1f4 



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