Santiago Vila <> writes:

> However:

> I wonder if we really want to do all that in 2017. The staff-writable
> /usr/local for a "sysadmin assistant" was an interesting idea twenty
> years ago. Today, we would give a sysadmin assistant an entire virtual
> machine to play with, and would probably not bother with this.

> So my question would be: Do we really need to support both ways to
> handle /usr/local at this point?

Yeah, that was the same conversation that Sean and I had.  I think it may
be fine to just do a straight cutover to typical permissions with no
support of the staff group.

> And for practical purposes: Will packages really stop fiddling with
> /usr/local once I remove /etc/staff-group-for-usr-local in buster
> initial install? I have been hesitant of doing this move because I never
> took the time to recollect data that would tell me whether or not it
> would work.

Yeah, that's a great question.  We should at least be sure that debhelper
will do the right thing.

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