What if my house burned down and I must start from scratch?
Mention how to continue if those files are lost.

I assume if one really wanted to get rid of them, a safe way would be
0. Disconnect the upstream mail server from the internet so no new mail
is coming in.
1. get all your mail upstream -> downsteam. Now all is deleted from
2. Now delete the oldmail files.
3. Now reconnect the server.

>>>>> "CC" == Charles Cazabon <charl...@pyropus.ca> writes:

CC> In short: no, you can never safely trim them.  You can remove them only if 
CC> never want to retrieve mail from the corresponding POP/IMAP account or 
CC> again.  The files are absolutely tiny by any modern standard, so there will
CC> never, ever be a need to "trim" them.

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