On 07/08/17 02:36, Thomas Kowaliczek wrote:
Hello I'm the project leader of Unknown-horizons.
The version 2017.1 have some memory leaks and the engine too. They are all 
fixed in the last stable versions.
I would recommend to use 2017.2 from testing/unstable repo.


thank you for following up on this bug report.

We have already packaged the latest version of UH in unstable. The current problem is that we ship 2017.1 in Debian Stretch, the stable distribution of Debian, and updates should be minimal to comply with Debian's rules for stable updates. I'm not sure if we were allowed to backport 2017.2 to Stretch because there are other changes which makes it hard for our release team to review.

Can you point me to the relevant commits or patches that fix those memory leaks? Then I might be able to backport them. If I understand you correctly, fife and maybe even fifechan are affected as well? Then we need to clone this bug report and address those issues in all packages.



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