Hi Daniel,

> speaking, I've found there are enough of these cycles that it's easier
> for now just to build without tex4ht.jar.  It would be nice if there
> were a stage1 or nojava build profile in the texlive-bin source
> package that would do the same thing.

Do you need a different package or a target in debian/rules?
>From the above paragraph I could read that a target in debian/rules
suffice, but that sounds unrealistic.

Are there any other problems than the tex4ht.jar? I would actually
prefer to ship texlive-binaries without the need to rebuild the
jar, but that is a requirement.

If a debian/rules target is not enough, I only see the way to
create an additional packages
that only contains the .jar file (and maybe others in future).

Another idea - but I am not sure whether this is possible - would be
to move the jar file into texlive-plain-generic where all the other
tex4ht files are. But that would interfere with the arch=all status
of texlive-plain-generic I guess.

Grateful for any ideas, proposals, advice!



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