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I noticed this build of ffmpeg in buster failed on armhf, while the same
version does build in the unstable version:

The configure log contains
> Mon Aug  7 07:36:24 UTC 2017  I: Starting 1st build on remote node 
>  *** standard ***
> install prefix            /usr
> source path               /build/ffmpeg-3.3.3
> C compiler                gcc
> C library                 glibc
> ARCH                      aarch64 (generic)

While I don't know for certain, my guess is that this is an aarch64
machine doing armhf builds, and the personality in the chroot has not
been set correctly for armhf. I don't know if pbuilder has this ability
(I know schroot does), but if not then you could use "setarch linux32"


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