Package: gnat
Followup-For: Bug #858890
Control: reassign -1 gnat-6 6.3.0-10
Control: fixed    -1 gnat-6 6.4.0-3


The "gnat" metapackage only exists to enforce installation of
"gnat-${gnat_version}", via a Depends relationship.

The "gnat-${gnat_version}" package actually installs
/usr/bin/gnatmake-${gnat_version}  (executable calling gcc-{gnat_version})
/usr/bin/gnatmake                  -> gnatmake-${gnat_version}
/usr/bin/gnatgcc                   -> gcc-${gnat_version}
All this implies that gnat-${gnat_version} Depends: gcc-${gnat_version}.

The gcc package is completely unrelated. It installs
/usr/bin/gcc                       ->  gcc-${gcc_version}
which may diff from ${gnat_version} for various reasons.

So "gnat" has good reasons not to depend on gcc or gcc-${gcc_version},
and has no reason to directly Depend: gcc-${gnat_version}.

However, "gnatmake" should by default compile and link with
"gcc-${gnat_version}" so you are describing a concrete problem in the
"gnatmake-6/6.3.0-10" package.

I cannot reproduce this problem with gnat-6/6.4.0-3 (and without gcc).
# gnatmake foo.adb
gcc-6 -c foo.adb
gnatbind-6 -x foo.ali
gnatlink-6 foo.ali
The changes in 6.3.0-18 have probably fixed this issue.

For the record, I cannot reproduce either with gnat-7/7.1.0-12.

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