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>>>- If your package does not provide a symbols file, add a dh_makeshlibs
>>>  override so that tight enough dependencies are generated.
>>>  Using libebml as an example (debian/rules):
>>>  + override_dh_makeshlibs:
>>>  +     # For new symbols when compiled with GCC 7
>>>  +     dh_makeshlibs -V'libebml4v5 (>= 1.3.4-2~)'
> Any ideas how should I handle multiple packages in override_dh_makeshlibs
> zeroc-ice has several packages that include libzeroc-ice3.6,
> libzeroc-freeze3.6
> so I cannot really pass a single package name in -V 

Here's an example. SFML has 5 libraries and 2 of them have specific
dh_makeshlibs calls.


In short, you use the -p option to apply a -V to a specific package and
then use --remaining-packages if there are any left.

I think that only the libzeroc-ice3.6 package is affected by this
(although you may want to double check) so you may only need to set the
dependencies for that package.


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