On 2017-07-08 08:43:18, Jonathan Wiltshire wrote:
> I will be requesting removal of pygpgme from unstable at the end of
> this month (but it's up to ftp masters if they do so immediately and break
> things, or wait for dependencies to be resolved).

Jonathan, I wanted to give an update for 'alot' and the pygpgme
dependency. An upstream developer picked up the patch and rebased it.
While verifying it he discovered other GPG bugs in 'alot'. I believe
those bugs have been fixed, but the pygpgme=>python-gpg bug is just
now being finished up:


Upstream plans to do a new release soon with all these GPG updates.
(Hopefully within a week base on the conversation in the pull request

I thought it was best to hold off on trying to merge the patch into
the older release when a new upstream release should address the
dependency issue soon.

I'm not sure if/when sid might lose pygpgme, but hopefully we'll have
a new upstream release of 'alot' to address the dependency issue
before that happens.


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