Package: firefox
Version: 55.0-1
Tags: a11y upstream
Usertags: hypra



Steps to reproduce:

1. View the attached test case.
2. Use Tab to move focus from link to link

Expected results: You'd be able to use Tab to move focus to all of the links.

Actual results: You are not able to use Tab to move past the fourth link; focus cycles back to the top of the page.


I realize that *technically* this is not a FF bug: People ( for example) apparently have some reason for wanting to remove focus from an object which was just given focus, and FF is certainly doing that. :-) However, it poses a very serious accessibility problem for users with visual impairments using the keyboard to navigate among focusable objects.

If it were just where this behavior was present, the logical thing to do would be to bother them about the inaccessibility of their site. Unfortunately, a bit of searching found plenty of other sites using this technique. Therefore, I'm wondering if the behavior that results from an onfocus blur could be modified within Firefox.

I discussed this issue with Marco and he had an interesting idea, namely rather than giving focus back to the document frame, give focus to the next focusable object. That would, I think solve the problem.

Thanks in advance for looking at this!

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