Package: libicu-dev
Version: 57.1-6
Followup-For: Bug #837898

Dear Maintainer,

I have checked all 19 reverse dependencies of libicu-dev. Only one 
package (fis-gtm-6.3-000a) uses icu-config, and even then, it
is only used if detected during configure. If not present, the
configure script works around this, so it could be easily adjusted
to use pkgconfig instead.

Taking this into consideration, it is now safe (and reasonable) 
to remove icu-config from the package and restore
multi-arch support.

This, in turn, allows libxml2-dev to be installed for multiple
architectures simultaneously and greatly benefits the 
Wine project.

As things stand, not having multi-arch support in libicu-dev
is a serious blocker for many projects.

So let's move forward and resolve this bug.  :-)

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