On Wed, Aug 09, 2017 at 10:56:44AM +0200, Bas Zoetekouw wrote:
> Hi Julian,
> I was just about to file my own ITP for keepassxc when I stumpled upon
> yours.
> Could you give an update on the status?  I'd be happy to help out with
> packaging and/or uploading, if you like.

debian/copyright needs an update and there's an embedded http
library that we might want to disable the feature using it.

I basically prepared the debian/copyright list of things to
add / change, but did not actually update it yet. Here's the
things that are different compared to COPYING (which also
lacks long licenses, but that's a different story):

[10:59:44] <juliank> src/gui/csvImport/CsvParserModel.cpp  contains Copyright 
(C) 2016 Enrico Mariotti <enricomario...@yahoo.it> - but "Enrico" is not 
mentioned anywhere
[11:01:33] <juliank> cmake/CodeCoverage.cmake appears twice in there for some 
[11:02:12] <juliank> src/http Copyright (C) 2013 Francois Ferrand is missing
[11:03:47] <juliank> qhttp/http-parser/LICENSE-MIT seems weird
[11:04:12] <juliank> "Additional changes are licensed under the same terms as 
NGINX and copyright Joyent, Inc. and other Node contributors. All rights 
[11:04:25] <juliank> but then it lists an MIT license, so it's not clear what 
that's supposed to mean
[11:04:52] <juliank> Not to mention that "Igor Sysoev" does not appear anywhere 
[11:08:27] <juliank> src/keys has files Copyright (C) 2014 Kyle Manna 
[11:10:35] <juliank> src/totp is Apache licensed, effectively rendering the 
entire program GPL-3. Not sure if that has any problem yet.
[11:11:08] <juliank> several files are Copyright (C) 2017 Weslly Honorato 
[11:18:04] <juliank> tests/TestDatabase.*: *  Copyright (C) 2017 Vladimir 
Svyatski <v.unr...@gmail.com>
[11:22:11] <juliank> tests/modeltest.*:** Copyright (C) 2015 The Qt Company Ltd
[11:23:12] <juliank> I don't think you can just drop debfx's copyright 
statement from copying and replace it with your own, though
[11:23:18] <juliank> (at the top)
[11:25:38] <juliank> The whole mac stuff by Lennart Gauer is not mentioned 

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