Russell Sim:
> [..]
> Thanks, for doing all that.
> I'm happy to lodge the bugs, I'll wait for the package to clear the new
> queue and then send out the emails.
> I have had a look over the package build logs you posted, it appears that
> most of them have failed because the package defines a hard dependency on
> the libgit2 dev version.  Which makes sense.

Welcome! I'd encourage you to send out the emails now, before the package 
clears NEW, to save some time.

The queue is the longest it's been for about 1.5 years [1], but these other 
packages can already experiment with building against libgit2 0.26 using the 
sbuild invocation I gave in a previous email, that links to my APT repo. So they can work on fixing the build errors now, at 
the same time as FTP masters are processing the NEW queue (eventually getting 
around to libgit2), there is no need to wait.


I added some patches to the git repo to enable HTTPS support (which was lost 
when OpenSSL was de-linked), could you review them? This was necessary for 
cargo to work. I also filed it upstream here, feel free to add any comments:

> Enjoy DebConf :)

Thank you!


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