2017-08-12 0:38 GMT+02:00 Thomas Charron <twaf...@gmail.com>:
>   libsdl is an LGPL licensed library, *NOT* a GPL licensed library.  An LGPL
> library cannot be linked to a GPL library in the first place, to use your
> words.

I am not aware of any restriction on linking.  The only effect is that
the combined binary becomes GPL, so if redistributed, the source must
be provided (which it is, in all Debian packages).

>   In many cases, applications may be written with more open licenses then
> the GPL, the LGPL allows pretty much anything to use the library, as long a
> the library itself is maintained as being open.  The GPL does not permit
> this, as it always must be available, and if you link it in, everything must
> be available.

Indeed that's the case of Debian packages: the source code of the
programs linking against the GPL libraries is always available --
that's one of the main points of Debian and other FOSS distributions.
That's why I fail to see the problem.

Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo <manuel.montez...@gmail.com>

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