>>>>>  AB == Andreas Beckmann [2017-8-12]

AB> On 2017-08-12 02:43, Davide G. M. Salvetti wrote:
>> I think I found the cause.  At installation time the auctex package
>> starts in background (per default) the script udpate-auctex-elisp, which
>> keeps running for some time after installation writing files in

AB> If you write "per default", it there some way to change that behavior?

Running it in foreground is a debconf low priority user choice.  It does
still take some minutes today on a typical desktop machine (used to be
tens of minutes some years ago), so that it runs in background by

AB> How long does it take? Or could it just be run in the foreground per
AB> default?
AB> I could just add some sleep for that package in piuparts... wouldn't be
AB> the first time.

Thanks, thinking about it however I feel that killing running
update-auctex-elisp instances if any at package remove time is indeed
the right thing to do.  I will think some more on the proper way to kill
them before uploading a bug fix.

Pace e bene,

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