package: dgit
version: 3.12

What I'm really trying to do is to have dgit build my package with
sbuild, checking out the pristine-tar if necessary.
Why do I like that better than dgit fetch to guarantee I have the
Well, perhaps I trust my local state more than the archive (I understand
I'll eventually get an error if they disagree) or perhaps I want to
avoid the download for bandwidth reasons.

I tried dgit gbp-build --git-builder=sbuild but that fails because dgit
passes -uc and -us to sbuild, which doesn't recognize them as options.

Recommendation: if the user passes --git-builder as a gbp-build option,
perhaps dgit shouldn't pass builder-specific options.

Alternatively, you can say that I shouldn't pass git-builder, but if
you're going to say that, I'd appreciate some mechanism to accomplish my
pristine-tar goal.
I guess I can also run gbp buildpackage without dgit, and that'll mostly
work for me, but it seems not entirely desirable.

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