Now, I can input Japanese characters by Ibus and Mozc without any problems.
This problem seems to be happen under some special conditions.
I recreated user newly and apt-upgrade, then it became to work fine.

I don't have any experiences with WAYLAND, but I am interested in it.
If you would like to involve me with WAYlAND, let me know.


On 8/12/17 9:09 PM, Osamu Aoki wrote:

Are you experiencing problem under WAYLAND?  I can't input Japanese for
browsers but I can input to terminal console.

It seems some software are not compatible.

Please use standard GNOME and Debian provided software.  I really can't
support others.  If you know exact flag to use, please let me know.

See all merged bugs under: non-GNOME desktop not supported well by ibus


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