Control: retitle -1 want better error reporting when there are submodules

dgit does not work with submodules.  See #726953.


Sam Hartman writes ("Bug#871908: dgit fails to work  when .git is a reference 
not a directory"):
> If you git clone --recursive a project including submodules, you tend to
> get all the submodule git directories under .git/modules in the master
> git directory.
> mkdir .git/dgit: Not a directory at /usr/share/perl5/Debian/ line
> 216.

This is not a very useful error message.

Also, there is a potential risk that fixing dgit to work with git
worktrees (#868515) may result in a situation where dgit would fail to
properly notice submodules and might carry on and do something
actually dangerous rather than merely confusing.


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