On Sat, Aug 12 2017, Sam Hartman wrote:

> If you git clone --recursive a project including submodules, you tend
> to get all the submodule git directories under .git/modules in the
> master git directory.

As a general rule dgit does not support submodules: #726953.

I think that this bug should probably be merged with that one, but
kindly confirm.

> (As a side note the only reason I'm using gbp-build rather than sbuild
> is to deal with pristine-tar.  If dgit would support pristine-tar I
> could avoid gbp entirely)

What do you need dgit to do with pristine-tar?

If you just need to check out the pristine tarball from git, try
origtargz(1) from devscripts.  If you want to commit the tarball, I'm
not sure it makes sense for dgit to support that -- you're uploading the
tarball to the archive when you `dgit push` and later `dgit clone` will
fetch that tarball from the archive, so it seems redundant to also store
it in a git branch.

Sean Whitton

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