On 2017-08-12 12:11:20 [+0200], Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:
> this should be considered a duplicate of Bug#871765.
> the patch is rather incomplete in the compat wrapper part. but my own
> patch does not touch it at all, and i think i'll leave it at that
> (introducing new features to the compat wrapper seems anti-thetical).

Thanks for looking at this.

> also, don't mix in the ssl2/3 removal into the same patch. i'll remove
> sslv2 separately in master (to be 1.3 soon). i know that debian disables
> sslv3 in openssl, but it seems odd to prune it from mbsync at this point.

I assumed I only removed that part where the code tried to enable v2/v3 by
default. Anyway, deal with this as you see best fit.


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