Hi again,

> > yes, quite simply:
> I still cannot reproduce this.

aha, you appear to be ignoring apt-offline's own help message and apt-
offline's argument parsing seems nastily picky

usage: apt-offline [-h] [--verbose] [--simulate] [-v] {set,get,install}

i.e. the correct invocation is 

        # apt-offline --simulate install /tmp/update.zip

and not

        # apt-offline  install /tmp/update.zip --simulate

You used in your test

> root@priyasi:~# apt-offline  install /tmp/update.zip --simulate

while I used

> (stretch-amd64-sbuild)root@jatayu:~# apt-offline --simulate install /

Switching around the order of the arguments, I can get simulate to do nothing 
just as you show. 

Convention for most command line parsers is that order should not be 
important; in some places it is (e.g. git) but then since --simulate is a 
global option not a subcommand-specific option, it should be before the 


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