Package: libblas-dev
Version: 3.7.1-1
Usertags: rebootstrap
Control: affects -1 + src:lp-solve

libblas-dev Depends on gfortran and it provides Most users
depend on it with the alternative. Another
provider, libatlas-base-dev, does not depend on gfortran. Thus when
depending on libblas-dev |, one cannot currently assume that
gfortran is present. That makes the gfortran dependency look weird.

This issue causes practical problems, because dose-builddebcheck finds
an installation set for cross building lp-solve that notably doesn't
include libblas-dev, but includes libatlas-base-dev instead. Trying to
build it with sbuild and the default resolver fails though as apt
doesn't consider this solution.

I see a number of routes forward here, each of which causes a change in
some package:

1. libblas-dev should demote its gfortran dependency to recommends
   acknowledging the current state where does not ensure
   gfortran presence.
2. libatlas-base-dev should start depending on gfortran.

I strongly prefer the former option, because gfortran is a compiler and
thus needs toolchain dependency translation for cross building. Such
translation is not yet available in the archive and any such dependency
will make the affected packages unusable for cross building. It also
looks like not every user of libblas-dev does need gfortran (e.g.
lp-solve doesn't need it). Some (currently buggy) packages may need the
explicit gfortran dependency then.

Please either demote the dependency or reassign this bug to


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