Package: stterm
Followup-For: Bug #785219

Hi folks,

I can't really reproduce this problem, but for me `ls --color` outputs
color even when I run with TERM=foo or whatever, so there might be
something else going on.

However, I wanted to point out that the stterm package currently
provides stterm-256color termino (and some other variants), whereas the
ncurses-term package provides the st-256color termino (and again some
other variants).

Looking at xterm, that does not provide any terminfo at all, but relies
on the ncurses-term package to provide its terminfo (though it does not
Depend on it, so I guess it expects whoever needs terminfo to do so).
Splitting the terminfo off from the terminal itself makes it easier to
make things work remotely: When SSH'ing to a remote system, the remote
system needs the terminfo, but might not have the stterm available (or
even any GUI packages at all).

So, it seems this bug should be fixed by changing the TERM variable set,
and removing the terminfo from the stterm package.

Until then, placing this in your .bashrc should fix the problem in most

        if [ "$TERM" = "stterm-256color" ]; then



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