Dear Maintainer,

I can confirm this bug on my system. One-direction maximization
stopped working between versions 3.6.1-4 and 3.6.1-5.

On my system, I have the following mappings:
- W-m toggles full maximization.
- W-h toggles horizontal maximization.
- W-v toggles vertical maximization.

Here are the differences I noted since last upgrade:
- W-h (or W-v) no more maximizes up to the edges of the screen, leaving
  a few pixels uncovered.
- W-h W-h (or W-v W-v) does not restore original window size, window
  stays maximized. It looks like original height (or width) has been
- W-m W-h (or W-m W-v) does not de-maximize horizontally (or
  vertically), window stays fully maximized. Moreover, an additional W-m
  makes the window size vanish to nearly nothing (W-m W-h W-m results in
  the window having close to no width, W-m W-v W-m results in the window
  having close to no height).

I suspect RPI patch de67618ea9e3e22e7623d56530934d3a3fc272e0 to be the

Thanks for your help,
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