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On Thu, 29 Jun 2017, Andreas Heinlein wrote:
> Related to but not identical to #854004. Keyboard configuration is still
> not working in gnome shell 3.22 as expected. The fix for #854004 works
> on the console and has the effect that we now have two keyboard layouts
> in gnome shell, English and the configured layout, with English being
> the default.

This was also discussed in #801990 and here upstream:

I don't know the root cause. But it's not really specific
to live-config. Except that it's far more visible on live
images since you always start with a fresh $HOME.

> The fact that we have two layouts seems to be due to some change in
> gnome-shell and/or gdm - a fresh install of Debian stretch shows the
> same behaviour, except that the configured keyboard is selected as the
> default.

Are you sure that a fresh install does not have the problem? I did
reproduce it in the past.

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