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From: Palfrader Peter <wea...@debian.org>
Reply: Palfrader Peter <wea...@debian.org>, 875...@bugs.debian.org 
Date: September 14, 2017 at 13:10:01
To: sub...@bugs.debian.org <sub...@bugs.debian.org>
Cc: mirr...@debian.org <mirr...@debian.org>
Subject:  Bug#875744: Debian mirror debian.asis.io: not updating  

Package: mirrors  
User: mirr...@packages.debian.org  
Usertags: mirror-problem may-auto-close  
Control: submitter -1 mirr...@debian.org  


Status: https://mirror-master.debian.org/status/mirror-info/debian.asis.io.html 

It seems debian.asis.io stopped updating. Please investigate.  

o we recommend mirrors not sync directly from service aliases such as  
ftp.<CC>.debian.org (only http is guaranteed to be available at  
ftp.<CC>.d.o sites). Maybe change your config to sync from  
the site currently backing the ftp.<CC>.debian.org service you sync  

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