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On 02/02/2018, Barak A. Pearlmutter <> wrote:
> Thanks.
> I don't have access to tag it as an official release, but I updated
> the packaging and am building a qt5 release.
> I also pushed a minor spelling correction, to
> git:// on both the
> master branch and merged into the qt5 branch. If you were to push the
> spelling correction into the main repo I'd appreciate it. FYI, the
> debian qt5-enabled package will be on tag debian/0.8.4-2
> Cheers,

I am neither a DD nor associated with linuxstopmotion in anyway. I am
just a user who use it from time to time. You should talk to whoever
did the upload the last time, whose name is in the uploaders field .
If for some reason s/he is unavailable then your best is
#debian-mentors on . The people there are pretty good and
will give a thorough review of the packaging work you have done. I am
sorry I am not able to help you.

Hope the new release does make it to Debian. Look forward to see the
new release in Debian.

> --Barak.

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