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> Source: qtwebengine-opensource-src
> Version: 5.9.2+dfsg-2
> Severity: important
> User: debian-multime...@lists.debian.org
> Usertags: ffmpeg-3.5-transition
> Hi,
> Your package FTBFS with the upcoming version 3.5 of FFmpeg. In FFmpeg 3.5,
> there are a number of API changes which will cause many packages to FTBFS.
> For this reason I have uploaded an early development snapshot to
> experimental before the 3.5 release in an attempt to fix some of these a
> bit quicker. While 3.5 has not been finalized and the ABI is not stable
> yet, there should not be any significant API breakages before the release.
> Incomplete list of changes (based on looking at common build failures):
> - Some fields in AVCodecContext have been removed and replaced with private
>   options which can be set using the av_opt_set* APIs
> - Most CODEC_* constants have been renamed to AV_CODEC_*
>   have been renamed to AV_INPUT_BUFFER_PADDING_SIZE and
> - The old resampling API provided by libavcodec has been removed. Use
>   libswresample instead.
> - The libavfilter/avfiltergraph.h header has been removed, include
>   libavfilter/avfilter.h instead.
> - The AVFrac structure (representing mixed rational numbers) has been
>   removed.

Hi James! Qt upstreams will certainly not start developing against a new 
FFmpeg version until it gets released. That means *at very least* 6 months of 
delay from the day FFmpeg 3.5 gets released.

As this bug is filed against qtwebengine *it might happen* that the web engine 
itself needs an update, in that case the engine must be updated first and then 
Qt will follow.

So I'm afraid it's either waiting or having more than one FFmpeg version in 
the archive.

Cheers, Lisandro.

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