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Le lundi, 29 janvier 2018, 14.19:53 h CET Harald Dunkel a écrit :
> Apparently pidofproc returns the PIDs of programs running
> in a chroot or in a container, if there is no local PID file.
> This is a *huge* problem for me, because either the init
> scripts on the host fail to restart services, or they affect
> services running in a container/chroot.
> (…)
> lsb-base version 9.20170808 has the same problem. I would highly
> appreciate a fix for stretch and sid.

For all practical concerns, you should consider the LSB package orphaned (and 
I should probably just go ahead and orphan it).

For the bug at hand, I would recommend checking what Ubuntu has in their 
pidofproc command in lsb-base, but I've long resisted re-using theirs as the 
list of conditionals is really scary. Any update of src:lsb goes on _all 
possible Debian machines_, so that didn't leave me with a lot of willingness 
to change anything there.

I'm not opposed to a change there, and I don't challenge the validity of that 
bug, I'm merely saying that I won't be the one pushing it. Patches and NMUs 
welcome, but please upload to experimental first! :-)


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