Package: emacs
Version: 46.1
Severity: wishlist


Not sure if this is considered a "bug" per se (though it's certainly unexpected 
behavior), so I'm submitting it as a "wishlist" item.

Let's say I have a table:

| Foo | Bar | Baz |
| fee | fi  | fo  |
| ent | orc | elf |

I'd like a printout this table, but I only want to print the columns "Bar" and 
"Baz". So I move point to the beginning of the "Bar" column, run C-x space 
(i.e., rectangle-mark-mode) and select the two columns. I then run M-x 

The expected behavior, at least for me, would be Emacs printing what I had 
selected, but instead it prints everything between point and mark, as if I had 
used C-space instead.

The obvious workaround is to yank the selected rectangle into an empty buffer 
and print that, but I am lazy :)

Regards, agafnd

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