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On 03.02.2018 19:22, Yadickson Soto wrote:
> There is a problem, I install the ldap-account-manager on buster
> Run in the browser http://localhost/lam
> The process build fail:
> Your PHP has no LDAP support!
> Please install the LDAP extension for PHP.

can you check if you have any PHP 5 packages installed?
The package is compatible with PHP 5 and 7. So if the LDAP extension for
PHP 5 is still installed then the dependency check will be satisfied.

Package check:

dpkg --get-selections | grep php5

In this case it will not be possible to provide a solution at package level.

If the command above does not return any results please send me the
output of:

dpkg --get-selections | grep php

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