On 04.02.2018 17:44, fin4478 fin4478 wrote:
> You have messed my system. Too bad that there is no dssi zynfx synth in
> Manjaro Linux, i would like to switch to it get rid of uhbuntu&nvidia
> people. Tryin siduction next
> Arch linux user had this same bug in summer 2017, now you put it to
> Debian, thank you very much fir wasting my work for several days. I just
> made a public Debian testing Xfce distribution with Oipaf ppa and you
> broke it and my computer.

Debian switched to GLVND in August, Ubuntu will follow soon. You can't
mix a non-glvnd mesa git build (from a ppa) with Debian, or you'll break
it and need to fix it by hand. Is it too hard to understand?

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